5 times Ignatius Reilly said what we were thinking

We only have one book to get acquainted with Ignatius Reilly, but John Kennedy’s enormously articulate New Orleanian protagonist with chronic valve problems only needed a few hundred pages to make his way into our heart.

In “Confederacy of Dunces,” Ignatius has problems that are relatable to us all. He feels he was born in the wrong century. He thinks the people he meets in life could never possibly understand him. And though he would never admit, his answers in tough situations are the ones we wish we were articulate enough to say.

So in honor of Ignatius, here’s a few quotes to remember when you get caught in a similar situation:

When you don’t get the job you wanted:


When you’re told to clean your room:


When you can’t stop thinking enough to go to sleep:


When you get a traffic ticket for going a few miles over the speed limit:


When you’re trying to convince yourself to be social on a Friday:


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