Satanists want afterschool program in Georgia schools, lulz ensue

In my experience, Satanist groups usually exist to just piss off deeply religious folks. The results are usually pretty entertaining. 

Take this Satanist group in Cobb Country, Georgia, who are insisting having an after-school program installed in local schools. In Georgia.

“We really are not advocating or ourselves believing there’s an actual Satan that stands in opposition to an actual God or anything like that,” said Fred Mephisto of the Atlanta Chapter of the Satanic Temple. “We treat it purely as a literary symbol that represents the concepts we’re trying to advocate.”

What they really want is the removal of the Good News Club, a Christian club for local schools. The Child Evangelism Fellowship, which puts on the program in schools around the country, are expectedly not too happy.

I wish I felt strongly either way, but these cases happen so often that I prefer to just sit back and eat the popcorn.

Atheists (ahem, Satanists) can certainly complain if they want, but the Supreme Court already ruled that religious groups can be put on in public schools.  By the same token, the school board has an obligation to respond to the group’s application to have their own club. Apparently they haven’t, and Mephisto (what a great name for a Satanist) said the group is prepared to take legal action.

One thing I do love about these stories is the inevitable upset Christian comments. This one did not disappoint:

“They (the Satanic Temple) are trying to scare parents with pitchfork and devil horns,” said Moises Esteves of C.E.F. “These are atheists who are basically trying to remove a good Christian club that has a long history of doing a lot of good in public schools. We’ve been teaching Good News Clubs for now 79 years.”

If I was a student, I’d definitely be more interested in the pitchfork and devil horns club.



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