Calexit isn’t going to happen, sorry guys

One more week and we’ll be closing in on a month since Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Goddamn it feels longer than that.

Maybe that’s because of the non-stop whining from the left who can’t accept the results of the American Republic at work.

The most absurd case is Calexit, where many many California residents are trying to get a secession going. To be fair, there were a lot of Republicans who did the exact same thing in 2012, so I wouldn’t put this on the Democratic Party or liberalism in general. There are sore losers on both sides.

It is interesting to note that when Texas makes seccesion talk, liberals are always pretty quick to mock it. That was certainly the case in 2012 when Obama won another term. But now the shoe’s on the other foot and they somehow think this is more serious.

Here’s the thing about secession: it can’t happen. A state cannot secede from the United States of America because the northern victory in the Civil War determined that the federal government has ultimate say about who can and cannot leave the union. Since the federal government likes its tax base, they aren’t going to be advocating secession anytime soon.

Now you may think that’s morally wrong. After all, just because several states wanted to secede because of slavery more than a century ago shouldn’t mean that states can’t secede now for completely different reasons.

You may also think that secession being prohibited is essentially a “Might makes right” argument.

Sure, those arguments have merit, but it’s not how the world works. More importantly, the waning down of states’ rights since the Civil War is largely due to the bargaining chip of secession being put off the table. If the federal government had to worry about a state seceding, they wouldn’t be so hasty to do whatever they want.

So California, you’re not going to secede. Sorry. If you’re really adamant about this secession thing, I would advise you listen to your favorite Youtube personality on the subject:


The people who made that decision, the people who rebelled against the United States of America, are the biggest goddamn traitors this country has ever seen. If you’re on their side, you’re the most unAmerican prick I’ve ever met.

Second of all, those guys rebelled against America and said ‘We are not American anymore.’ Nobody has ever been a more America hater than the leaders of the Confederacy, Osama bin Laden didn’t hate America as much as the leaders of the Confederacy. Leaders of the Confederacy said ‘We despise America, and want to leave it. We are committing open rebellion and treason against America. That’s a fact, that is an indisputable fact.

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