Another round of hellish riots could happen in Charlotte today

It looks like the North Carolina police officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott in September. has effectively been cleared of all charges: 

No charges will be brought against Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Brentley Vinson in the September shooting death of a man in University City, District Attorney Andrew Murray announced Wednesday.

Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot Sept. 20 in a confrontation with officers outside his apartment.

Murray said that evidence in the case shows that Scott stepped out of his SUV with a gun in his hand and ignored at least 10 commands from the five officers on the scene to drop it.

Murray said that Scott obtained the gun – which had been stolen in Gaston County – 18 days before the confrontation. One bullet was found in the chamber of the gun, the safety was off and Murray said Scott’s DNA was found on the grip and ammunition slide.

In case you forgot, protesters against the officer held to the idea that Scott was minding his own business reading a book in his vehicle when the officer shot him cuz he’s SUCH A RACIST.

I’m not totally unsympathetic to police brutality. In fact, the facts are pretty solid that black people are on the wrong end of unwarranted arrests and stop and frisks than anyone else. That should change. But in terms of officer-related shootings, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that black people are shot more than white people in this country. You can look at the FBI statistics.

There’s even less evidence to suggest that the black people who are killed by police are killed because white cops are racists who want to shoot a black guy. Even the most tragic cases like Tamir Rice show it’s usually a case of bad judgement from a police officer. It sucks, and if there’s any way to improve those statistics I would be all for it, but shouting racism every time a guy like Keith Lamont Scott gets shot is unhelpful.

Speaking of which, back in September the protesters for Scott turned Charlotte into hell on earth for a few days. It started with protesting, but then people lost their god damn minds and started looting, breaking shit and assaulting white people for no reason. I watched the live stream of this when it was happening, and urge you to do so if you have a few hours. It’s completely different than the packaged 2 minute videos CNN and ABC were showing.

Charlotte Police are prepping for round 2 as we speak:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were put on alert for the city’s reaction to the announcement.

All the department’s specialized units, including its riot squad, were mobilized. CMPD’s command center, which was used during the 2012 Democratic Convention and other high-profile events, also was activated.

Officers were notified that they may have to work 12-hour shifts.

District Attorney Andrew Murray met Wednesday morning with Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, and Monnett.

We’ll find out in the next few hours how this goes.


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