Milo’s pwnage and TYT staff afraid of a question

Milo Yianandfolsdfxoxo is going the way of Bob Dylan by doing a college-circuit tour that never freaking ends called the Dangerous Faggot Tour. 

Yianastravsky is charming. Even his enemies say that, but you often get the impression he doesn’t say what he really means. He is a self-professed troll, though, so I guess it’s allowed. I remember when he was on the Joe Rogan show a year or two ago and said he supported Donald Trump in theory, but didn’t think he would be a good president. Now he calls Trump “Daddy” (which, to be fair, is pretty funny) and speaks of his undying devotion to the president-elect.

But it’s his lectures where he really shines, especially since he got kicked off of Twitter. The dude got some clicks when this video popped up from part of a lecture he did:

My favorite part when he told the kid to go fuck himself for calling Milo a white supremacist under his breath. That should happen more often. Calling someone a racist when they’re not ain’t helping your cause. In fact, it probably got the god emperor elected.

Besides that, I thought Milo did pretty good here. He gave the guy a fair shot to express his viewpoint and he took it. The crowd had a little animosity towards the student, but that’s to be expected. You shouldn’t just go around calling people terrible shit they’re not; I wish liberals like this kid would get that.

Let’s compare Milo’s bottom right with The Young Turks’ top left of the political spectrum. Those silly geese Jon Iadarola and Ana Kasparian were apparently doing some kind of forum when this awkwardness happened:

Go to the 20:16 mark if it doesn’t automatically. Now unlike Milo, these guys seemed to be kind of terrified of the question this guy wanted to ask, and didn’t even let him finish. The guy with the microphone’s name is Bret, I think. When I was a fan of TYT I always thought he was funny, but he was obnoxious as fuck in this video.

There really can’t be a clearer delineation between which side of the aisle is anti-speech at this point. TYT ain’t what it used to be (their Game of Thrones reviews are still pretty good though).


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