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The craziest election you’ve never heard about is going on in Louisiana

There’s a very weird election going in south Louisiana that parallels almost exactly what happened during the Clinton/Trump election cycle. Some people are calling it the Trump effect.

The third district of Louisiana covers the south central portion of Louisiana. If you can imagine the state as a boot, then the congressman who gets elected would represent its heel.

Although it’s not a state that gets mentioned much in the media, the 3rd covers almost of all of what would be considered Cajun country. People who live here pride themselves on good food, good friends and a unique culture that is unlike anywhere in the world. Continue reading “The craziest election you’ve never heard about is going on in Louisiana”


What should we make of the alt-right?

What exactly is the alt-right? How many of them are there? And how much of their philosophy is composed of legitimate racism? Continue reading “What should we make of the alt-right?”