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The craziest election you’ve never heard about is going on in Louisiana

There’s a very weird election going in south Louisiana that parallels almost exactly what happened during the Clinton/Trump election cycle. Some people are calling it the Trump effect.

The third district of Louisiana covers the south central portion of Louisiana. If you can imagine the state as a boot, then the congressman who gets elected would represent its heel.

Although it’s not a state that gets mentioned much in the media, the 3rd covers almost of all of what would be considered Cajun country. People who live here pride themselves on good food, good friends and a unique culture that is unlike anywhere in the world. Continue reading “The craziest election you’ve never heard about is going on in Louisiana”


Milo’s pwnage and TYT staff afraid of a question

Milo Yianandfolsdfxoxo is going the way of Bob Dylan by doing a college-circuit tour that never freaking ends called the Dangerous Faggot Tour.  Continue reading “Milo’s pwnage and TYT staff afraid of a question”

Liberals are now the book-burners

Literature is my first love. Particularly southern literature. During my college years, I was engulfed in the words of William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor and Harper Lee because they were able to scratch the surface of how complicated, nuanced, grotesque and beautiful the American South can be. Continue reading “Liberals are now the book-burners”

About that Trevor Noah/Tomi Lahren interview…

To be honest, the only Daily Show episode I’ve seen with Trevor Noah was his debut. I thought he did an OK job (a little nervous, but whatever).

I really liked Jon Stewart back in the day. I was a lot more liberal then, but Stewart was the model  of a decent liberal who approaches issues with rationality and humor to me.

Looking at the interview Noah did with Blaze TV’s Tomi Lahren, the show has undergone a dramatic shift. Noah is much more social justice warrior than Stewart, and there seems to be a much stiffer rapport between him and the his conservative guests.  Continue reading “About that Trevor Noah/Tomi Lahren interview…”