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Liberals are now the book-burners

Literature is my first love. Particularly southern literature. During my college years, I was engulfed in the words of William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor and Harper Lee because they were able to scratch the surface of how complicated, nuanced, grotesque and beautiful the American South can be. Continue reading “Liberals are now the book-burners”


Liberals need to watch this before doing anything

It hasn’t been the best couple of weeks for the left. Protests have been going on non-stop because Donald Trump is an evil bigot homophobe and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down. It’s a confusing time to be a liberal, and the future of the party seems to be up in the air.

In this political climate, Jonathan Pie decided to make a video shortly after the election. It’s only a few minutes long, but explains in one long angry rant why the American people were not interested in buying what Hilary Clinton was selling.

It also goes on to point out the flaws of what the left has become. The American people don’t like being talked down, don’t like being called racists for not agreeing with everything liberals say and especially don’t like the whining that’s been going on post-election. If there’s any future for liberals, it’s in what Pie has to say.

Check out the video here: